Videos of Our Research Results

Application of Wearable Mechano-Acoustic Sensor for Speech Recognition and Classification for Haman-Machine Interfaces: Voice-activated Pac-Man Control


Untethered Delivery of Drug Into the Brain Using Wireless Microfluidic Neural Probe for Behavior Control


Wireless Optofluidic Systems in Freely Moving Animals 


Wireless Delivery of Multiple, Distinct Fluids


Wireless Fluid Delivery and Photostimulation For the Brain


Brain-Computer Interface via Epidermal Electronics Integrated on the Auricle For Text Spelling


An Instrumented, Artificial Pericardium, Constructed Using a 3D Printer and the Techniques of Stretchable Electronics


Control of a Flying Drone via Epidermal Electronics


Video Showing Robustness in Integration of Multifunctional Epidermal Electronics


Epidermal Electronics For ECG Monitoring


Epidermal Electronics For EMG Monitoring