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Mechanically transformative electronics, sensors, and implantable devices, Science Advances (2019). In press.

R. Qazi, A. M. Gomez, D. C. Castro, Z. Zou, J. Y. Sim, Y. Xiong, J. Abdo, C. Y. Kim, A. Anderson, F. Lohner, S.-H. Byun, B. C. Lee, K.-I. Jang, J. Xiao, M. R. Bruchas* and J.-W. Jeong*, “Wireless optofluidic brain probes for chronic neuropharmacology and photostimulation,“ Nature Biomedical Engineering 3, 655-669 (2019).

Highlighted in The Scientist, Medical News Today, Science Daily, New York Post, EE News Europe, YTN News, Xinhua News, and many others, August, 2019. 


R. Qazi, C. Y. Kim, S. Byun, J.-W. Jeong, “Microscale inorganic LED based wireless neural systems for chronic in vivo optogenetics,” Frontiers in Neuroscience 12, 764 (2018).


H. H. Jung, J. Song, S. Nie, H. N. Jung, M. S. Kim, J.-W. Jeong, Y. M. Song, J. Song, K.-I. Jang, "Thin metallic heat sink for interfacial thermal management in bio-integrated optoelectronic devices," Advanced Materials Technologies 1800159 (2018).

Featured on the Front Cover.

Metallic heat sink.jpg

C. Howe, S. Mishra, Y. Kim, Y. Chen, S. Ye, W. Wagner, J.-W. Jeong, H. Byun, J. Kim, Y. Chun, and W. H. Yeo, "Stretchable, implantable, nanostructured flow-diverter system for quantification of intra-aneurysmal hemodynamics," ACS Nano 12, 8706-8716 (2018). 

K. N. Noh, S. I. Park, R. Qazi, Z. Zou, A. D. Mickle, J. G. Grajales-Reyes, K.-I. Jang, R. W. Gereau IV, J. Xiao, J. A. Rogers and J.-W. Jeong, "Miniaturized, battery-free optofluidic systems with potential for wireless pharmacology and optogenetics," Small 14, 1702479 (2018).

Featured on the Front Cover.

Batteryless Optofluidics.jpg

J. G. McCall and J.-W. Jeong, "Minimally invasive probes for programmed microfluidic delivery of molecules in vivo," Current Opinion in Pharmacology 36, 78-85 (2017).

Minimally invasive probe.jpg

K.-I. Jang , K. Li, H. U. Chung, S. Xu, H. N. Jung, Y. Yang, J. W. Kwak, C. Yang, A. Wang, Z. Liu, J. Y. Lee, B. H. Kim, J.-H. Kim, J. Lee, Y. Yu, B. J. Kim, H. Jang, K. J. Yu, J. Kim, J. W. Lee, J.-W. Jeong, Y. M. Song, Y. Huang, Y. Zhang, and J. A. Rogers, "Self-assembled, three dimensional designs for soft electronics," Nature Communications 8, 15894 (2017).

3D network design.png

J. Y. Sim, M. P. Haney, S. I. Park, J. G. McCall and J.-W. Jeong, "Microfluidic neural probes: in vivo tools for advancing neuroscience," Lab on a Chip 17, 1406-1435 (2017).

Microfluidic neural probe.png

J. G. McCall, R. Qazi, G. Shin, S. Li, M. H. Ikram, K.-I. Jang, Y. Liu, R. Al-Hasani, M. R. Bruchas*, J.-W. Jeong*, J. A. Rogers*, "Preparation and implementation of optofluidic neural probes for in vivo wireless pharmacology and optogenetics," Nature Protocols 12(2), 219-237 (2017). 

* =  Co-corresponding authors.


Y. Liu and J.-W. Jeong, "Wearable stethoscope that can listen to the body sounds," Principles of Systems Biology, No. 12, Cell Systems 3, 505 (2016). 

Y. Liu, J. J. S. Norton, R. Qazi, Z. Zou, K. R. Ammann, H. Liu, L. Yan, P. L. Tran, K.-I. Jang, J. Lee, D. Zhang, K. Killian, S. H. Jung, T. Bretl, J. Xiao, M. J. Slepian, Y. Huang*, J.-W. Jeong*, J. A. Rogers*, "Epidermal mechano-acoustic sensing electronics for cardiovascular diagnostics and human-machine interfaces," Science Advances 2: e1601185 (2016). 

* =  Co-corresponding authors.

Highlighted in IEEE Spectrum, Science Daily, Yahoo News, BBC Radio, ABC News, NBC News, New Scientist, and several others, November, 2016. 

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K.-I. Jang, H. N. Jung, J. W. Lee, S. Xu, Y. Liu, Y. Ma, J.-W. Jeong, Y. M. Song, J. Kim, B. H. Kim, A. Banks, J. W. Kwak, Y. Yang, D. Shi, Z. Wei, X. Feng, U. Paik, Y. Huang, R. Ghaffari, and J. A. Rogers, "Ferromagnetic, folded electrode composite as a soft interface to the skin for long-term electrophysiological recording," Advanced Functional Materials 26, 7281-7290 (2016). 

Selected for the frontispiece.

Ferromagnetic electrode.jpg

G. Constantinescu*, J.-W. Jeong*, X. Li, D. K. Scott, K.-I. Jang, H.-J. Chung, J. A. Rogers, J. Rieger, "Epidermal electronics for electromyography: An application to swallowing therapy," Medical Engineering and Physics 38, 807-812 (2016).  

* =  Co-first authors.


J.-W. Jeong*, J. G. McCall*, G. Shin, Y. Zhang, R. Al-Hasani, M. Kim, S. Li, J. Y. Sim, K.-I. Jang, Y. Shi, D. Y. Hong, Y. Liu, G. P. Schmitz, L. Xia, Z. He, P. Gamble, W. Z. Ray, Y. Huang, M. R. Bruchas and J. A. Rogers, "Wireless optofluidic systems for programmable in vivo pharmacology and optogenetics," Cell  162, 1-13 (2015).

Highlighted in  NIH Press, Reuters News, Science Daily, Tech Times, Popular Science, ACS C&EN News, Medical Daily, Denver Post, St. Louis Public Radio, Nature, CCTV, and many others, July, 2015.
#5 on Scientifica’s “Top 10 discoveries in 10 years of optogenetics"; Commentary in Cell Systems.


S.-W. Hwang, C. H. Lee, H. Cheng, J.-W. Jeong, S.-K. Kang, J.-H. Kim, J. Shin, J. Yang, Z. Liu, G. A. Ameer, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers, Biodegradable elastomers and silicon nanomembranes/nanoribbons for stretchable, transient electronics and biosensors, Nano Letters  15(5), 2801 - 2808 (2015).


J.-W. Jeong, G. Shin, S. I. Park, K. J. Yu, L. Xu, and J. A. Rogers, Soft materials in neuroengineering for hard problems in neuroscience,” Neuron  86(1), 175 - 186 (2015). 


J. S. Norton, D. S. Lee, J. W. Lee, W. Lee, O. Kwon, P. Won, S.-Y. Jung, H. Cheng, J.-W. Jeong, A. Akce, S. Umunna, I. Na, Y. H. Kwon, X. Wang, Y. Huang, T. Bretl, W.-H. Yeo, John A. Rogers, "Soft, curved electrode systems capable of integration on the auricle as a persistent brain-computer interface," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA  112(13), 3920 - 3925 (2015).

Highlighted in IEEE Spectrum, Txchnologist, MedicalXpress, and Liberation. 


K.-I. Jang, H. U. Chung, S. Xu, C. H. Lee, H. Luan, J.-W. Jeong, H. Cheng, G.-T. Kim, S. Y. Han, J. W. Lee, J. Kim, M. Cho, F. Miao, Y. Yang, H. N. Jung, M. Flavin, H. Liu, G. W. Kong, K. J. Yu, S. I. Rhee, J. Chung, B. Kim, M. H. Yun, J. Y. Kim, Y. M. Song, U. Paik, Y. Zhang, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers, Soft network composite materials with deterministic, bio-inspired designs," Nature Communications  6, 6566 (2015).


C. H. Lee*, J.-W. Jeong*, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, Y. Shi, S.-K. Kang, J. Kim, J. S. Kim, N. Y. Lee, K.-I. Jang, L. Yin, M. K. Kim, A. Banks, U. Paik, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers, Materials and wireless microfluidic systems for electronics capable of chemical dissolution on demand,” Advanced Functional Materials  3(9), 1338 - 1343 (2015). 

* =  Co-first authors; Featured on the Front Cover.


Y. Hattori, L. Folgut, W. Lee, S. Jung, E. Poon, J. Lee, I. Na, A. Geisler, D. Sadhwani, Y. Zhang, Y. Su, X. Wang, Z. Liu, J. Xia, H. Cheng, R. Webb, A. P. Bonifas, P. Won, J.-W. Jeong, K.-I. Jang, Y. Song, B. Nardone, M. Nodzenski, Y. Huang, A. S. Paller, M. Alam, W.-H. Yeo, and J. A. Rogers, Multifunctional skin-like electronics for quantitative, clinical monitoring of cutaneous wound healing,” Advanced Healthcare Materials, 3(10), 1597 – 1607 (2014).


K.-I. Jang, S. Y. Han, S. Xu, K. Mathewson, Y. Zhang, J.-W. Jeong, G.-T. Kim, J. W. Lee, R. Webb, T. Dawidczyk, Y. Song, W.-H. Yeo, S. I. Rhee, J. Chung, B. Kim, H. U. Chung , D. Lee, Y. Yang, R. Carbonari, J. Gaspar, M. Fabiani, G. Gratton, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers, Rugged, breathable forms of stretchable electronics with adherent, composite substrates for cutaneous physiological and cognitive state monitoring,” Nature Communications  5, 4779 (2014).

Featured on the Nature Communications Website.


K.-I. Jang, S. Y. Han, S. Xu, K. Mathewson, Y. Zhang, J.-W. Jeong, G.-T. Kim, R. Webb, J. W. Lee, T. Dawidczyk, Y. Song, W.-H. Yeo, S. Kim, H. Cheng, S. I. Rhee, J. Chung, B. Kim, H. U. Chung , D. Lee, Y. Yang, J. G. Gaspar, R. Carbonari, M. Fabiani, G. Gratton, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers, Fabrication Procedure for Rugged and Breathable Forms of Stretchable Electronics with Adherent and Composite Substrates,” Protocol Exchange  (2014) [doi: 10.1038/protex.2014.020].


J.-W. Jeong, M.K. Kim, H. Cheng, W.-H. Yeo, X. Huang, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, Y. Huang, and J. A. Rogers, Capacitive epidermal electronics for electrically safe, long-term electrophysiological measurements,” Advanced Healthcare Materials  3(5), 642 – 648 (2014). 

Featured on the Front Cover.


L. Xu, S. Gutbrod, A. Bonifas, Y. Su, M. Sulkin, N. Lu, H.-J. Chung, K.-I. Jang, Z. Liu, M. Ying, C. Lu, R. Webb, J.-S. Kim, J. Laughner, H. Cheng, Y. Liu, A. Ameen, J.-W. Jeong, G.-T. Kim, Y. Huang, I. Efimov, and J. A. Rogers, 3D multifunctional integumentary membranes for spatiotemporal measurement/stimulation across the entire epicardium,” Nature Communications  5, 3329 (2014). 

Highlighted in NPR, ABC News, CNN, Smithsonian, National Geographic, MIT's Technology Review, New Scientist, Medical Daily, The Scientist and many others, February 28, 2014.


J.-W. Jeong*, W.-H. Yeo*, J. S. Norton, A. Akhtar, Y.-J. Kwack, S. Li, S.-Y. Jung, Y. Su, W. Lee, Y. Huang, W.-S. Choi, T. Bretl, and J. A. Rogers, Materials and optimized designs for human-machine interface via epidermal electronics,” Advanced Materials  25(47), 6839 – 6846 (2013). Featured on the Inside Front Cover.


S.-W. Hwang, D.-H. Kim, H. Tao, T.-I Kim, S. Kim, K.J. Yu, B. Panilaitis, J.-W. Jeong, J.-K. Song, F.G. Omenetto, and J. A. Rogers, Materials and fabrication processes for transient and bioresorbable high-performance electronics,” Advanced Functional Materials  23(33), 4087 – 4093 (2013).


J.-W. Jeong*, B. Park*, H. Keum, S. Kim, J. A. Rogers, and O. Solgaard, Two-axis MEMS scanner with transfer-printed high-reflectivity, broadband monolithic silicon photonic crystal mirrors,” Optics Express  21(11), 13800 – 13809 (2013). 


J.-W. Jeong, S. Kim, and O. Solgaard, Split-frame gimbaled 2-D MEMS scanner for miniature dual-axis confocal microendoscopes fabricated by front-side processing,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems  21(2), 308 – 315 (2012). 

Highlighted in OCT News.


J.-W. Jeong, J.W. Cho, I.W. Jung, and O. Solgaard, Amplified spontaneous emission rejection with a multi-functional MEMS tunable filter,” Electronics Letters  46, 18 (2010).

J.-W. Jeong, I. W. Jung, H. J. Jung, D. M. Baney, and O. Solgaard, Multi-functional tunable optical filter using MEMS spatial light modulator,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems  19(3), 610 – 618 (2010).